Employment Council

The NYSRA Employment Council works to promote systems to support employment for people with disabilities. The Council seeks to influence vocational rehabilitation policy design and implementation while addressing the local, state and economic forces present in the environment. Throughout its work, the Council will be mindful of not only the issues involving individuals with disabilities, but those of staff and other partners involved in providing quality vocational rehabilitation and habilitation services.

Activities in the Council and subsequent Work Teams will include but are not limited to:

  • Influencing legislation and government policy at both state and federal levels;

  • Representation on all decision making councils NYSRA is invited to participate on to the respective state agency;

  • Researching, designing, and proposing future policy and service designs in vocational rehabilitation; and

  • Assisting NYSRA members collectively in negotiating new vocational rehabilitation services.

The NYSRA Employment Council conducts its business through its own Work Teams, collaborative work with other statewide and regional associations as well as national allied groups.

Goals for 2015:

  1. Be a leading voice in work center transformation activities.

  2. Be an active advocate as WIOA state plan is established.

  3. Evaluate and make recommendations to ACCES-VR on quality of CRF services.

  4. Be a voice on all employment and day services policies developed by OPWDD

  5.  Develop one initiative with OMH; focus on assisting people with behavior health disabilities towards self-sufficiency via voice in the activities in NYS; focus on transition age youth (ages 14-26); learn and offer technical information to members about economic development activities throughout the state